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Establishing Trust: A Commitment to Security

At WigoSwap, we firmly believe that trust is earned, not given. For this reason, we strive for complete transparency in our security protocols and welcome questions or feedback from our users. To uphold our commitment to providing a secure platform and safeguarding users' assets, we have undergone rigorous security audits by CertiK, a leading authority in blockchain security. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated through our proactive security audit, applied even before our official launch, a practice uncommon among blockchain projects.

Certified Safety: The CertiK Audit

The CertiK audit of WigoSwap stands as a testament to our dedication to maintaining a secure platform. By validating the reliability of our smart contracts, CertiK ensures the safety of our users' investments. Further, we utilize CertiK's security intelligence engine, Skynet, for constant security surveillance. Read the full CertiK audit here.

Total Transparency: Our Open Source Approach

Embracing the spirit of transparency, we've made all our smart contracts public on GitHub and verified on FTMScan. This ensures clear visibility and understanding of all our operations. In addition, we've secured 100% of initial liquidity LP tokens for a full year, mitigating the risk of potential 'rug pulls.' You can verify this on FTMScan.

Reliable Infrastructure: Safety Features

Addressing key security concerns in DeFi, WigoSwap contracts are non-upgradeable, have no pausing functionality, and don't rely on external Oracles. Token prices are determined solely by their respective pairs' status. Furthermore, we maintain a zero-admin privilege policy that affects user funds. Admin privileges are limited strictly to administrative tasks such as adjusting farm weights or adding new farms.

Constant Vigilance: Ongoing Security Efforts

Our dedication to security doesn't end here. We plan to launch bug bounty programs, encouraging the identification and rectification of potential vulnerabilities. We invite blockchain experts to challenge our security, believing this continuous scrutiny will fortify our system, making WigoSwap more secure and robust. We urge users to further enhance their security by employing reliable wallets, storing keys safely, and remaining cautious of phishing attempts.

Secure & Sustainable Yields: A Balanced Approach

Beyond security, WigoSwap focuses on providing sustainable yields. This is accomplished by managing token supply, adjusting farming rates based on market conditions, and leveraging the Galaxy Burning Module (GBM) to curb token inflation. This strategic approach ensures sustainable returns, helping mitigate potential risks and market fluctuations, while also fostering steady profits in the DeFi space. With WigoSwap, users can yield farm with confidence, knowing their investments are secure and their profits, sustainable.

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