Blockchain Gaming - Spark Fun, Earn Rewards

WigoPlay, under the umbrella of Wigo, stands as a dynamic dimension within the Wigo Ecosystem. It’s a unique platform where blockchain users can unleash their fun side and earn rewards by engaging in simple, yet thrilling, blockchain games. WigoPlay pushes the boundary of what's possible within the world of play-to-earn, offering a gamified blend of entertainment and potential profitability.

The pioneering game on WigoPlay is Predict, a price prediction game that runs on the Fantom blockchain. Powered by Chainlink, Predict provides an exciting environment where players predict FTM prices to win rewards. The beta period of Predict saw enthusiastic participation from hundreds of players, with the top 3 players alone participating in more than 10,000 rounds and winning over 4,000 $FTM.

With the anticipated updates on WigoPlay, the platform aims to offer an even more enjoyable gaming experience. In addition to enhancing the Predict game, WigoPlay is set to introduce the Raffle game, a new lottery-style experience offering even more chances to win.

But the excitement doesn't stop at gaming. WigoPlay aims to build a contributing community around itself to further empower WigoGalaxy residents. This community will have the opportunity to design and deploy new games on WigoPlay, gaining revenue from GBM share.


The maiden game launched under WigoPlay is Predict. This game invites users to forecast the price of the Fantom (FTM) token within 5-minute candlestick intervals. It’s a game of precision and intuition that adds an element of thrill to the price movements of FTM. The accuracy of the prediction decides the rewards, making 'Predict' not just a game of chance but also of skilled analysis and understanding of the market.

Upcoming Game: Raffle

The next game in line for WigoPlay is Raffle. Much like a traditional lottery, 'Raffle' participants can win significant token rewards by purchasing tickets.


  • Ticket Cost: A single ticket will cost an amount set in the WIGO tokens equivalent to ~$X USD.

  • Entry Limit: Users can purchase up to Y tickets at a time, with no overall limit.

  • Ticket Numbers: Each ticket purchase generates a unique 6-digit number ranging from 0-9. For instance, "1-9-3-2-0-4."

  • Winning: Numbers are matched from the left to win. The more numbers that match, the bigger the prize pool you'll share.

  • Security: 'Raffle' utilizes Chainlink's implementation of Verifiable Random Function (VRF) for secure and reliable randomness in number generation.

  • Bulk Purchase Discount: Multiple ticket purchases at once yield bulk discounts.

  • Prize Sharing: The prize amount won depends on the number of other winners in the same prize bracket. The more winners, the smaller the share of the prize pool per ticket.

WigoPlay serves as a testament to the philosophy of 'Play-to-Earn' embedded in WigoGalaxy. The games under WigoPlay not only entertain users but also offer substantial rewards, keeping user engagement high and the ecosystem thriving. So, whether you're an analyst predicting market movements or a hopeful participant in a lottery draw, WigoPlay offers something for everyone in the Wigo.

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