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Catalyzing Change through Decentralized Funding

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WigoRun is an integral part of the Wigo Ecosystem and an innovative DAO-driven initiative that offers a decentralized platform for fundraising. Much like GoFundMe, WigoRun provides a robust, transparent, and reliable platform for funding, albeit on the blockchain. It serves as a revolutionary bridge, connecting blockchain professionals and business people to startups and teams seeking funding in the blockchain space. Moreover, WigoRun also offers a promising avenue for supporting charity and causes, ensuring every Wigo user can make a difference.

Transparency and Accountability

At its core, WigoRun harnesses the power of blockchain technology to ensure transparency and accountability. Every transaction on WigoRun is publicly available and immutable, meaning that once a transaction is recorded, it cannot be changed. This level of transparency ensures donors can track their contributions and recipients can verify their funds, bringing unparalleled transparency and trust into the crowdfunding landscape.

Connecting Professionals to Startups

WigoRun serves as a nexus between business professionals, blockchain experts, and budding startups. It allows professionals to invest in promising projects, providing much-needed capital to startups. At the same time, startups gain access to a network of seasoned professionals, enabling mentorship, business development, and strategic partnerships. This symbiosis fosters innovation, growth, and progress within the blockchain ecosystem, paving the way for new ideas and solutions.

Charity and Causes

In addition to serving as a hub for professional connections and startup funding, WigoRun also supports charitable causes. By leveraging blockchain technology's transparency and the global reach of the Wigo Ecosystem, WigoRun provides a platform where anyone, anywhere, can support causes they care about. This model democratizes charitable giving, ensuring anyone can make a tangible difference, regardless of their geographical location.

WigoRun and the Wigo Ecosystem

As part of the Wigo Ecosystem, WigoRun benefits from the rich network of users, professionals, and platforms. It leverages the strength of the Wigo community and its various tools to bring its vision to life. Furthermore, WigoRun supports WiSwap campaigns, contributes to the WigoGalaxy and Bazaar, and promotes the economic freedom philosophy of DeTasker. In essence, WigoRun represents the social and philanthropic aspects of the Wigo vision, cementing its place as a cornerstone of the Wigo Ecosystem.


WigoRun is more than just a blockchain-based funding platform. It's a catalyst for change, an enabler of innovation, and a promoter of social good. By marrying the traditional concept of crowdfunding with the revolutionary aspects of blockchain technology, WigoRun is poised to redefine the meaning of community support and engagement in the digital world. It serves as a testament to Wigo's commitment to creating a more inclusive, transparent, and impactful blockchain ecosystem.

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