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Main Contracts

WigoSwap Pair Code Hash: 0x55c39e9406ff3c89a193882b4752879e73c8a0ce1222fe1de34c5e8f6482d9b6

MultiSig Wallets

Vesting Contracts

Seed Funders' Vesting Timelocks:

Seed Funder #1

Seed Funder #2

Core Team's Initial Liquidity Lock:

Airdrop Merkle Proof Contracts:

We used combination of Markle Proof & Timelock to build a claimable vesting contract, so that all 60M airdrop tokens are locked and will be available for airdrop winners to claim 20% of total rewards every month without WigoSwap’s team interposition.

1- Claimable since Sat Mar 12 2022 10:30 UTC 0x34fada93c6d05D0bd568CB2C4917C99912D7EC70

2- Claimable since Tue Apr 12 2022 10:30 UTC 0xd20530F0720B3e33f5A68DbD6452091Ef0876A0e

3- Claimable since Thu May 12 2022 10:30:00 UTC 0x3b6A18B3c63E9Da66f0A26caa19FBC7157c1d725

4- Claimable since Sun Jun 12 2022 10:30:00 UTC 0x83c5a394b4C368b006bbf3A03d9a47Fb5De34726

5- Claimable since Tue Jul 12 2022 10:30:00 UTC 0xf67F05934c76B6a4bf4818b8328BbBcA59eC78d0

Important Transactions

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