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Monetizing Your Galaxy Presence

🛠 (In Development)

WiLink is an innovative blockchain domain naming product, exclusive to the Wigo Ecosystem. It integrates personalized URLs and social features, aiming to provide every WigoGalaxy user with an exclusive domain name. WiLink is not merely a naming system; it's a platform to boost personal branding and facilitate a seamless referral system. It is currently under development and represents the future of referral programs in the DeFi world.

The Concept

Every WigoGalaxy user deserves to have a unique identity. And what better way to establish your identity than with a unique URL? WiLink allows users to create personalized URLs, similar to a personal website, that will serve as their primary identity within the Wigo Ecosystem.

This personalized URL will link to your profile, showcase your NFT collection, track your game progress, and highlight your contributions to the community. Furthermore, it will contain your referral link, enabling you to share it with friends and invite them to join the Wigo Ecosystem.

WiLink is about creating a more user-friendly, interactive, and engaging metaverse experience. It marks a significant milestone in the Wigo Ecosystem's commitment to making each user feel at home in our metaverse.

Referral System V2

WiLink aims to revolutionize the referral system by integrating it with blockchain domain naming. It is designed to expand upon the existing referral system, providing more opportunities for users to earn rewards.

In the previous referral system, users could invite their friends to WigoSwap and earn a portion of the commission or income from any activity their friends performed on the platform. With WiLink, the referral system is being revamped to offer a more comprehensive, efficient, and rewarding experience.

The V2 Referral System will feature more departments and will generate more rewards for users. It will also be integrated with more parts of the Wigo Ecosystem, including WigoGalaxy, Bazaar, Treasure Maps, and future releases.

When a new user registers on WigoGalaxy with your referral link, you will receive 50% of the registration fee (currently 500 $WIGO). If your referred friend participates and wins in PREDICT rounds, you earn 1% of their prize. For transactions on WigoMarket, you get 0.5% of their transaction amount. And for Lottery (soon) participation, you get 5% of their ticket purchase. These opportunities are just the beginning, with more to come!

By making every user a stakeholder in the ecosystem, WiLink is promoting a more vibrant and engaged community. With its unique combination of personalized URLs and social features, it is set to revolutionize the blockchain domain naming landscape, making it easier than ever for users to establish their presence in the metaverse, invite friends, and earn rewards.

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