🎲The Raffle 🛠

Spin Your Luck in the Wigo Ecosystem

🛠 In Development

Raffle, the second game offering from WigoPlay, introduces an exciting lottery-style experience within the Wigo ecosystem. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Wigo ecosystem, the Raffle game allows participants the chance to win substantial rewards, all while maintaining the transparent and fair nature inherent to blockchain technologies.

How it Works

Participants enter the Raffle game by purchasing tickets, each priced at a set amount of WIGO tokens equivalent to ~$X USD. Each ticket contains a unique 6-digit number, with each digit ranging from 0 to 9. The winning numbers are generated at random, offering an equal opportunity for every participant to hit the jackpot.

Ticket Purchase and Discounts

Users can buy up to Y tickets at a time, with no limit on the overall number of tickets one can possess. Multiple ticket purchases in a single transaction can fetch users bulk discounts, encouraging more participation and adding to the overall prize pool.

Security and Fairness

To ensure fair and transparent gameplay, Raffle uses Chainlink's implementation of Verifiable Random Function (VRF). This guarantees truly randomized outcomes that are tamper-proof and verifiable on the blockchain.

Winning Prizes

The more numbers on a participant's ticket that match the winning numbers, the larger the prize pool they can claim. The numbers are matched from the left, meaning the first number on the participant's ticket should match the first winning number, the second number should match the second winning number, and so on.

Prize Distribution

The amount won depends on the number of winning tickets in the same prize bracket. Therefore, if there are multiple winners within a bracket, the prize pool for that bracket is divided among them. This structure adds to the unpredictability and excitement of the game while ensuring that winning always brings a pleasant surprise.

Raffle adds a new layer of excitement to the WiPlay offerings within the WiGalaxy, driving user engagement while distributing rewards in a fun and fair manner. Whether you're a blockchain gaming enthusiast or a newcomer looking for a thrilling experience, Raffle promises a roller coaster ride that could potentially turn your luck around in the Wigo Ecosystem.

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