How to Stake in WigoBank

Through staking in WigoBank, users are able to earn WIGO (or other tokens) as their reward. While using the WigoFarm requires you to stake a pair of tokens, in WigoBank you only need to stake WIGO.

How to Stake?

1. Open the WigoBank page here.

2. On top of the page click on the Connect button to connect your wallet to WigoSwap.

3. After connecting the wallet, you are allowed to choose between two options for staking;

A. Automatic (Auto Compound) harvests the rewards you’ve earned (WIGO in this example) automatically, and reinvests the rewards in the WigoBank.

B. Standard (Manual Restaking) on the other hand, does not handle the above process for you automatically. In other words, you have to claim the rewards and restake them into the WigoBank manually if you decide to do so.

You can check other WigoBank's options to get information on what other tokens you might earn as your reward for staking WIGO.

4. Once you’ve chosen your desired staking option, click on the Enable button to proceed.

5. By clicking on the Enable button, it changes into Stake. Click on it to move on to the next step.

6. Enter the amount of WIGO you decide to stake in the WigoBank, or simply choose the percentage of your balance you want to stake into the WigoBank.

7. Click on the Confirm button, and confirm the operation in your wallet.

8. After the transaction is processed, you can see the updated amount of the token you’ve staked.

9. Finally, you are able to view the details of your staked token in the WigoBank. If you’ve chosen the Automatic method, you will see a countdown timer that indicates the remaining time until the unstaking fee ends. In case you are using the Standard method, a Collect button is there for you to obtain the rewards.

Add/Remove WIGO from the WigoBank

Adding more WIGO to the WigoBank or removing some from the WigoBank involves following a few simple steps on WigoSwap.

1. Click on the + and – buttons to add or remove WIGO from the WigoBank.

If you decide to unstake your tokens from Automatic pool within 72 hours, a 1% fee is charged for the process. More Info

2. In the next section, you can enter/choose the amount you want to add to the WigoBank (if you’ve clicked on the + button), or enter/choose the amount you decide to remove from the WigoBank (if you’ve clicked on the – button at first).

3. Click on the Confirm button and allow the process to be completed.

4. Finally, you are able to see the updated amount of tokens you’ve staked.

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