🎨User Experience and Interface

Navigating Your Galaxy Journey

Galaxy prioritizes a seamless user experience, with an interface designed for easy navigation and accessibility. Users can effortlessly manage their profiles, view ongoing and favorite quests, and track their rewards and achievements.

The referral system incentivizes community growth, rewarding users for bringing friends into the Galaxy. The ExploreQuest feature allows users to discover and engage with quests tailored to their interests and skill levels, enriched by a comprehensive sorting and search functionality.

Support is readily available through the Helpdesk, ensuring users have all the information needed to start quests, claim rewards, and understand the platform's terms and conditions. Integration with Bazaar offers a marketplace for users to sell NFTs earned or acquired in Galaxy, further enhancing the ecosystem's utility and user engagement.

Galaxy's user interface and experience are crafted to ensure that every participant, whether a seasoned blockchain enthusiast or a curious newcomer, finds value, enjoyment, and growth within this expansive universe.

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