Yield Farming

As users add liquidity to the platform, they earn LP Tokens. Staking the LP Tokens will lead to harvesting WIGO as the reward.
In terms of giving rewards, WigoFarm is better than Wigo Bank. However, there exists the risk of Impermanent Loss. While the term seems a little threatening initially, it’s not the case if you learn about the concept before attempting to use the farms.

Calculating the Rewards:

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculations related to the farms are twofold; Firstly, by providing liquidity, users benefit from the LP Rewards APR. Secondly, through staking their LP Tokens into WigoFarm, they profit from the Farm-related rewards APR.
Farm Total APR = LP Rewards APR + Farm Related Rewards APR

Calculating LP Rewards APR:

As mentioned before, users who use the farms or the so-called farmers benefit from the LP Rewards by providing liquidity. An example is provided to calculate LP Rewards clear:
For example, imagine In the FTM/DAI pair, we have these values:
Liquidity: $387.42M Volume 24H: $96.97M Volume 7D: 709.73M
Use the 24H volume to calculate the fee share of liquidity providers in the pool (based on the 0.18% trading fee structure): $96,970,000*0.18/100 = $174,546
Next, use that fee share to estimate the projected yearly fees earned by the pool (based on the current 24h volume): $174,546*365 = $63,709,290
We can now use the yearly fees to calculate the LP Rewards APR. That's yearly fees divided by Liquidity: ($63,709,290/$387,420,000)*100 = 16.44% LP Reward APR
Calculating the APR related to the farm rewards is based on various factors. These include the farm multiplier and the entire amount of liquidity in the farm. This is the amount of WIGO distributed to the farm.