Welcome to WigoSwap

Welcome to WigoSwap; where you can easily and quickly swap Fantom network tokens for the lowest fee (0.19%). Invite your friends to WigoSwap and receive a fixed income share from their activities on the platform forever.

What is WigoSwap?

WigoSwap is an integrated DeFi platform on the Fantom network, including products such as decentralized exchange (DEX) with a very low transaction fee (0.19%), farming and staking pools, user profile system (WigoGalaxy), unique referral system, Predict mini-game, NFT marketplace, and other exciting products, available to users on the Fantom network with a simple, understandable and clean user interface and exceptional user experience. We provide users with unique DeFi services with very high speed and low fees.

Our Mission

Designing products that can be easily used by users, creating new passive income opportunities, and helping new projects run on Fantom. We try to make the use of the platform simple and profitable for everyone by constantly developing ideas and fixing the problems of existing protocols.

Our Products

The features offered by WigoSwap include:
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  • Farming and Staking (WigoFarm & WigoBank)
  • User profile system (WigoGalaxy)
  • Predict mini-game ($FTM Market Prediction)
  • NFT marketplace*
  • IDO Launchpad*
  • GameFi Products*
  • DAO Governance*
Coming Soon *

Using The Fantom Blockchain

First and foremost, the Fantom blockchain network is a true example of an incredibly fast, and secure network. Therefore, it is appealing to developers. Furthermore, its reliability and interoperability provide users with a network to participate in without worrying about possible barriers. While most similar networks have mostly profited early adopters, Fantom aims to guarantee financial gains by rearranging the elements within the industry. Last but not least, the Fantom network is designed in a user-friendly way to facilitate the embracing of blockchain technology. It is also worth mentioning that the evolution of the Fantom network is proceeding in a way that will satisfy the needs of users in the future.
We have chosen to build on Fantom because performance matters.
Since the current decentralized networks, especially those created to provide financial operations, have shortages of their own, there is an ever-growing need to reconsider the existing ones in search of a more rectified platform that is not only able to perform fast and secure transactions but also effective in offering interoperability as a tool for connecting different blockchains. The approach provided by the Fantom network is believed to bring about the innovation needed in the DeFi sector.
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