In general, an inherent part of the crypto industry is its inevitable risk. The risk stems from the unpredictability of certain issues within the area. WigoSwap is also not an exception to this general rule. Thus, acquiring or making use of WIGO in any form is associated with various degrees of risk. The risk includes losing all or part of your funds.


1. Unpredictability of Regulatory and Juridical Decisions

The distributed ledger technology in general, and DEXs in particular, are yet to be clearly and consistently regulated. In many countries, regulators have already been attempting to enforce stricter rules within the crypto space. Therefore, accurate prediction of the ways these rules are going to be applied, including tightening up of the current rules or making totally new ones, is somehow impossible. As WigoSwap platform and WIGO token are parts of the distributed ledger technology, they are prone to regulatory actions taken by the governments. With the abovementioned issues in sight, the team or its affiliates may be forced to stop their activities in certain areas due to changes in the related regulations.

2. Inadequate Disclosure of Information

Wigoswap is still in its early stages of development, and therefore the technical issues related to the project, such as algorithms, codes, design parameters, etc. can undergo changes, or may be updated with regards to the demands of the industry and the new circumstances. As a consequence, the current documents related to the project may be subject to change or modification overtime. The team behind WigoSwap makes an effort to inform its users about the significant details of the project development to a certain extent. However, due to the progressive and everchanging nature of such projects the information disclosed to users may be partly insufficient.

3. Competitors

Decentralized networks and application are constantly coming into existence, making the blockchain industry extremely competitive. The area in which WigoSwap is operating is replete with networks and platforms that make use of codes that are partly or entirely similar to those used by WigoSwap. These alternative networks may remake similar services or platforms. Thus, as competing with these networks is inevitable it may impact WigoSwap or its native token WIGO in various ways.

4. Failure to Develop

On its development path, every project is faced with certain unforeseen difficulties that are capable of disrupting the project’s progression towards its goals. Regarding WigoSwap’s activities, defined within the space of distributed ledger technology and the DeFi industry, the associated difficulties may be the result of a decrease in the value of digital currencies or WIGO in particular, unpredictable technical issues, or insufficiency of the funds raised for the development process.

5. Security Issues

As is the case in the activities related to blockchain technology, WigoSwap may also be exposed to attacks conducted by hackers, groups, or organizations. These attacks can take many forms ranging from attacks done through malware and consensus-based ones to sybil attacks, smurfing and spoofing. Alongside the abovementioned threats lies the intentional or unintentional insertion of vulnerabilities to WigoSwap’s infrastructure by a third party, a member of the team, or its affiliates. All of these security-related issues can affect WigoSwap and its token, WIGO.

It's also worth mentioning that with the rapid advances seen in the crypto space, and also the improvements in its technical aspects (e.g. introduction of quantum computing) WigoSwap can be confronted with unpredictable risks including those that are connected to technical issues and are capable of undermining the consensus mechanism used by the platform.

6. Other Risks

The potential risks mentioned so far are only part of the unwanted and unpredictable risks associated with interacting with WigoSwap, alongside acquiring, using, or holding WIGO. These risks may not be predicted by the core team or its affiliates, and can occur separately or in combination. Therefore, we strongly advise you to exercise due diligence regarding the project prior to interacting with WigoSwap, or using WIGO in any shape or form.

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