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If you are new to WigoSwap, you may need to be given a tour of the platform. Therefore, we have provided some essential guides to help you start using WigoSwap conveniently.

Starting WigoSwap

Make use of the following guides to start using WigoSwap. You can easily choose the guide that specifically suits your purpose from the following links.

pageCreate a Fantom WalletpageGet FRC20 TokenspageConnect Your Wallet to WigoSwap

Guides for Using WigoSwapโ€™s Services

When your wallet is all set up and connected to WigoSwap, you may also need to check the following guides for further information on how to perform various tasks or use different features on WigoSwap.

pageHow to Swap Fantom TokenspageHow to Add/Remove LiquiditypageHow to Use WigoFarmpageHow to Stake in WigoBank

It is worth noting that more advanced guides could be found on the menu so that you can fully understand the variety of features and services on WigoSwap.

Canโ€™t find what you need among the guides or the documents? No worries! You can join WigoSwapโ€™s official channels and ask your questions there.

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