How to Swap Fantom Tokens

Swapping/Trading has never been easier on WigoSwap. This is made possible by offering users a convenient interface to interact with. Moreover, the necessary calculations are automatically done for you.

Starting to Trade

First and foremost, you need a Fantom-compatible wallet. The necessary information on how to set one up is provided here. You also need some Fantom FRC20 tokens. You can check here to learn how you can obtain the tokens.

Trading on the WigoSwap Exchange

1- Open the Swap page here.

2- Connect your wallet to WigoSwap. If youโ€™re not sure how to connect your wallet you may need to check here.

3- In the following section you can simply choose the tokens you want to trade using โ€œfromโ€ and โ€œtoโ€. Select the token you want to trade from by clicking on the dropdown menu. For example, you can trade from FTM to USDC or WIGO. As it can be seen in the picture, the amount of the token you possess is shown above the amount field. You also need to enter the amount of the token you want to trade to. Typing the amount in one of the sections, namely โ€œfromโ€ and โ€œtoโ€, will lead the amount in the other section to be estimated automatically. In simple words, if you enter the amount of FTM you want to trade from, the amount of USDC or WIGO you will receive is calculated for you.

4- After checking the details of the trade, click โ€œSwapโ€.

5- The next window illustrates more details of your operation. Make sure that the details are correct.

6- Finally click on the Confirm Swap button for your wallet to confirm the process.

7- You can then check FTMScan to view your transaction details.

Read this section if you have any problem using the swap service:


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