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Galaxy Mechanics

A New Dimension of Engagement
The WigoGalaxy is a dynamic playground within the blockchain universe, marrying captivating narratives with the vast potential of decentralized technology. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the mechanics of the WigoGalaxy, providing users with a clear understanding of the ecosystem and its offerings.
1. Saga and Nebula: The Foundation of WigoGalaxy
  • Saga:
    • A grand narrative or storyline that encompasses a series of interconnected Nebulas.
    • It provides users with a layered, interconnected experience that builds towards a climactic end.
    • Users participate in multiple Nebulas to complete a Saga and attain its ultimate rewards.
  • Nebula:
    • Individual blockchain tasks or challenges that form parts of a Saga.
    • Offers dual benefits – to educate users about blockchain intricacies and to provide them with opportunities to earn rewards.
    • Users must navigate these tasks to progress in their Saga. Each Nebula brings its own set of rewards and learnings.

2. Wiggy and Candies: Tools for Navigation
  • Wiggy:
    • Precious NFT assets that act as user avatars or companions in the WigoGalaxy.
    • Assists users in their journey, offering specific advantages when facing challenges in Nebulas.
    • Users can acquire, upgrade, or trade Wiggies, ensuring they have the right companion for each challenge.
  • Candies:
    • In-game incentives and Wiggy level-ups.
    • Enhances the capabilities of Wiggies, allowing them to be more effective in challenges.
    • Users can earn, trade, or utilize candies to optimize their Wiggies' performance in Nebulas.

3. Monster and Key: Gatekeepers of Rewards
  • Monster:
    • Digital entities guarding the treasured rewards of the Galaxy.
    • Introduces a layer of challenge, ensuring that rewards are earned rather than given.
    • Users must strategize on how to approach these monsters, often leveraging the strengths of their Wiggies and the allure of Candies.
  • Key:
    • An exclusive NFT that unlocks access to the Saga's treasures.
    • Acts as a bridge between challenges and rewards.
    • Users must obtain these keys from monsters, often in exchange for candies, to access the end treasures of a Saga.

4. Cards and Gates: Milestones and Pathways
  • Cards:
    • Special NFTs represent milestones or achievements.
    • Showcase user progress and act as tokens of their journey through the Galaxy.
    • Users earn cards by achieving specific goals within Nebulas. These cards can be showcased, traded, or used to access specific parts of the Galaxy.
  • Gates:
    • Portals or entryways to new areas or segments of the WigoGalaxy.
    • Regulate user progression, ensuring users have the necessary credentials to proceed.
    • Users need the right cards (and sometimes XPs) to open or pass through these gates.

5. Treasures: The Ultimate Prize
  • Coveted rewards at the end of each Saga.
  • Act as an incentive for users to engage with and complete Sagas.
  • Users must often combine various assets, like Keys, Wiggies, and Candies, to unlock these treasures.

6. XP (Points): The In-Game Currency
  • Points earned and used within the WigoGalaxy ecosystem.
  • Acts as both a reward system for task completion and a currency for various in-game trades and transactions.
  • Users earn XPs by completing Nebulas and can spend them for various in-game advantages or trade them for other assets, including NFTs.