Galaxy ID

Your Galaxy Identity
The Galaxy ID is an innovative feature within the WigoGalaxy universe, allowing users to create a distinct identity, replete with a personalized Wiggy and a planet to inhabit. This unique identifier offers both a sense of belonging and a gateway to a plethora of exclusive experiences within the WigoGalaxy.
Components of the Galaxy ID:
  • Username Minting: Users have the ability to mint their exclusive usernames, ensuring a unique identity that differentiates them from other adventurers in the WigoGalaxy.
  • Specialized Wiggy: Along with their unique identity, users also get to mint a tailored Wiggy, a trusty companion that resonates with their chosen identity and enhances their adventures within the universe.
  • Personal Planet: With the Galaxy ID, users get to choose from a list of fascinating planets such as Planet Boredomia, Planet Westerium, and Planet Ghosterium. Each planet has its unique environment, lore, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.
Exclusive Opportunities with Galaxy ID:
  • Hidden Nebulas: Owning a Galaxy ID grants users access to exclusive Nebulas available only to residents of their respective planets. These unique challenges and opportunities add another layer of depth and engagement to their WigoGalaxy experience.
  • Planet-Specific Gems: Each planet is rich in hidden treasures and gems, awaiting discovery by its residents. Galaxy ID owners have the privilege of unearthing these planet-specific riches, adding value to their in-game assets.
  • Group Competitions: The communal aspect of WigoGalaxy comes alive with Galaxy ID, where users can engage in group-based challenges and competitions, such as trading duels. Not only do these foster camaraderie among users, but they also offer a chance to earn coveted rewards and recognition.
To start creating a Galaxy ID please open this link.
Step 1: Minting your Wiggy (NFT Avatar)
After connecting your wallet you should see a list of available Wiggies that you can mint in the process and choose as your initial Wiggy avatar. Select whichever you like most! Click on “Enable” to give access to WigoGalaxy to interact with your wallet. After that click on “Confirm” to confirm the process in your wallet.
Step 2: Selecting Wiggy as your avatar
Now you have successfully minted and owned your Wiggy, next you can see your Wiggy and select it as your profile pic. In this step by clicking on “Enable” you will lock your NFT on WigoSwap to be able to use it as your avatar. Don’t worry, you can unlock it whenever you want. Now click on the next step.
Step 3: Choosing your planet!
Creating a profile on WigoSwap is in fact the process of joining WigoGalaxy, so every new user should select a planet as their home! There’s currently no significant difference between planets, so pick whichever one you like! It won’t be possible to undo your choice for the foreseeable future!
Step 4: Choose your nickname
What should we call you on WigoGalaxy? Choose your preferred username. This nickname will be shown in planet leaderboards and search results if your profile is active. Your name must be at least 3 and at most 15 standard letters and numbers long. You can’t change this once you click Confirm.
Note: People can find your wallet address if they know your nickname or referral ID. So please be careful about this and agree with that by enabling the warning check box.
Click “Confirm” to approve your username through your wallet. Your username is submitted and the last action is clicking on “Complete Profile” → “Enable” & “Confirm” to pay the profile creation fee.
Congrats! Your WigoGalaxy profile is now live! Enjoy.