Security & CertiK Audit

"Ensuring Safe and Secure Transactions: WigoSwap's Comprehensive Security Audit"
We understand that trust is earned, not given. That's why we strive to be transparent about our security efforts and welcome any questions or feedback from our users.
WigoSwap is firmly committed to maintaining a highly secure platform and preserving the safety of our users' assets. To accomplish this, we have undertaken comprehensive security audits by CertiK, a recognized pioneer in blockchain security. This rigorous audit process has been applied even before our official launch, a rare practice among blockchain projects.
WigoSwap is further monitored under CertiK's round-the-clock security intelligence engine, Skynet, for continual security vigilance.
Read CertiK's full audit -->
We encourage our users to also take steps to protect their own by using safe wallets, keeping keys in a safe place, and being cautious of phishing attempts.
In the spirit of total transparency, all our smart contracts have been made public on GitHub. These contracts are verified on FTMScan to maintain complete clarity in all our operations.
Addressing one of the primary security concerns in DeFi, WigoSwap has secured 100% of initial liquidity LP tokens for a full year. This critical measure effectively mitigates the risk of so-called 'rug pulls.' You can validate this action via FTMScan at this link:
We want to clarify that all WigoSwap contracts are non-upgradeable, have no pausing functionality, and do not rely on external Oracles for any aspect of the platform. Token prices are solely determined by the status of their respective pairs.
At WigoSwap, we maintain a stringent policy of zero admin privileges that can affect user funds. Admin privileges are strictly limited to administrative tasks like adjusting farm weights or adding new farms.
Moreover, our dedication to security is an ongoing effort. We are planning to launch bug bounty programs soon to encourage the identification and resolution of potential vulnerabilities.
Finally, we openly invite all blockchain experts to challenge our security. We believe that this will only strengthen our system, making WigoSwap safer and more robust for our users. We encourage our users to secure their assets by employing reliable wallets, securely storing keys, and staying vigilant against phishing attempts.