Journey to the Future
The Future of WigoSwap: Our Commitment to Progress and Innovation
As we step into an exciting phase of growth and innovation, we're thrilled to share the updated WigoSwap roadmap. Our journey is a testament to the power of adaptation, strategic timing, and most importantly, our community's unwavering support. Here's a sneak peek into our future.
We understand that the crypto industry is constantly evolving, so our roadmap is also flexible. We'll be updating it regularly to reflect the latest trends, user feedback, and market conditions. And we'll always keep you informed of any changes, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

WigoQuest (Achievements System)

Our most important user engagement tool is set for a comprehensive upgrade! We’re focused on improving its features and user experience, making it the primary gateway to our innovative product suite.

Perpetual Trading

WigoSwap will introduce Perpetual Trading, a form of futures contract without expiration. This feature enables users to trade leveraged positions and engage in long or short trades, thereby enriching our asset offering and creating a dynamic trading experience.

WigoRun (Incubation and IDO)

The WigoRun platform, an evolution of the WigoGrants concept, is set to become the primary launchpad for new dApps within the Fantom ecosystem, bolstering its resilience and fostering innovation.

DeTasker and Beyond!

Get ready for the launch of DeTasker, a decentralized freelancing platform operating on the Fantom chain. That’s not all — look forward to the release of more dApps aimed at revolutionizing the travel, healthcare, and transportation sectors.

Rebranding for the Super-Dapp Era

As we transition into a super-dApp, we’re undergoing a comprehensive rebranding process. This rebranding will enhance the overall user experience and pave the way for seamless third-party game integrations via GBM.

The Super-Dapp Journey

Our transformation into a super-dApp underlines our commitment to delivering gamified features and serving as a gateway for users to explore the entire dApp ecosystem on Fantom.

Gas Subsidies

In line with Fantom’s roadmap, we aim to implement gas subsidies for smoother user onboarding and interaction. This will ensure users won’t need to concern themselves with gas fees, facilitating a more seamless dApp experience.

Account Abstraction

Inspired by Fantom’s strategy, we’re planning to introduce account abstraction within WigoSwap. This initiative won’t differentiate between contract and EOA (Externally Owned Accounts) accounts. An “EOA” could be an email address, password, social authentication, face ID, etc., enabling social recovery and overall improvement of the dApp experience.

WigoRefer Launch

The next evolution of our referral system is just on the way. This enhanced version promises a more engaging and intuitive experience. Designed with user convenience in mind, WigoRefer streamlines the referral process, making it effortless to share the benefits of WigoSwap with friends and network, thereby fostering a more vibrant community.

Team Expansion

Our team is growing! We’re expanding our marketing and business development divisions, reinforcing our capacity to drive growth and realize our ambitious vision.

Raffle: The Decentralized Lottery

Prepare for the grand unveiling of Raffle, our innovative, decentralized lottery feature developed in partnership with Chainlink. Designed to maximize user experience, Raffle promises to inject an element of excitement into the WigoSwap ecosystem.

WigoMail: Decentralized Email

Look forward to the launch of WigoMail in late 2023. This groundbreaking decentralized email system further expands our super-dApp capabilities.

WigoMarket V2: An Upgrade in the NFT Space

WigoMarket is getting an upgrade. Get ready for a more enriched NFT space on Fantom, featuring a wider array of artists and diverse collections.

Rare Wiggies: New Parts on the Horizon

Rare Wiggies Part 2 is on its way! Stay tuned for enhanced content and diversity, including video, in your favorite Wiggy characters.

Expanding Artistic Network

We’re actively networking with artists to list new collections, aiming to add a richer artistic flavor to the Fantom NFT ecosystem.

Launch of WigoAcademy

The unveiling of WigoAcademy, our educational hub designed to empower newbies in the Fantom and DeFi landscapes, is on the horizon.

R&D on Cross-Chain & Multi-Chain Solutions

Our commitment to research and development for cross-chain and multi-chain solutions remains unwavering, with a strong focus on the Fantom network’s growth.

Listing WIGO on DEXs and CEXs

Our efforts to make WIGO available on various DEXs and CEXs continue tirelessly, working towards broadening its accessibility and visibility in the market.
This roadmap signifies our commitment to further solidifying our position within the Fantom network, fostering growth, innovation, and community engagement. We're excited to have you join us on this journey toward a future packed with possibilities!